I.   TITLE:          Registered Nurse (R.N.) – Medical Services


    II.      SUPERVISOR:    Chief Operating Officer/Corporate Compliance Officer


 III.      HOURS PER WEEK:   20-40 or as needed


 IV.      QUALIFICATIONS: Valid New York State license as a Registered Nurse;          

Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing; Certified in CPR; and 3 or more years of prior nursing employment experience preferred.


  1. REQUIREMENTS:              Must be able to walk long distances and climb stairs at various intervals throughout the day, carrying a tray; Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.
  1. FUNCTIONS:             To provide a high standard of competent medical care for students and staff (as needed); To coordinate with other medical/clinical staff to ensure that the St. Anne Institute Medical Clinic’s daily operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Service Provision                  

  • Provide direct/comprehensive medical care of St. Anne Institute residents and general and/or emergency care to all students across all St. Anne Institute programs/services
  • Provide nursing care according to physicians’ orders and in conformance with established standards of nursing
  • Pour medications and make daily rounds to administer medications
  • Administer first aid to all students and staff across agency programs, as necessary.


  • Assist in the formulation of medical clinic procedures and protocols
  • Educate staff and clients/students/residents about nursing procedures and health care issues
  • Report to the Chief Operating Officer on clinical/medical/medication issues that may arise


  • Provide accurate documentation on all medical matters, including accident reports, prescribed medications and nurse’s notes (paper and electronic)
  • Assist in updating the CONNECTIONS and AWARDS (EHR) information database

            Training and Supervision

  • Attend regularly scheduled nurse meetings and other meetings/committees, as requested
  • Complete 40 hours of continuing education annually through a combination of agency in-services and outside conferences.
  • Assist with the completion of medical consultation forms and medical specialist appointments
  • Input immunization information on new residents into NYSIIS and SAI health records


  • Maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment in the Medical Clinic area
  • Arrive at work 15 minutes prior to start of shift to review report on previous shift.
  • Follow universal precautions
  • Ensure appropriate use of equipment and supplies
  • Abide by the provisions of the Nurse Practice Acts of New York State recognizing the legal implications of improper nursing care
  • Abide by the provisions of the NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, and the SAI Codes of Conduct/Ethics
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Administrator and/or Chief Operating Officer

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