TITLE:                                   Counselor – CPST Services (Community-Based Clinical and Care Management Services)

LOCATION:                          Hudson Falls, New York

SUPERVISOR:                     Senior Clinical Supervisor/Senior Therapist – Community-Based Clinical and Care Management Services)

HOURS PER WEEK:           40

QUALIFICATIONS:           Bachelor’s Degree and certification in evidence-based practice, or Bachelor’s Degree and three years applicable experience in children’s mental health, addiction, and/or foster care/child welfare/juvenile justice or other related human services field.

 FUNCTIONS:            To provide weekly individual, family, or group counseling to identified clients/families. To provide a combination of the six components of CPST in accordance with the child’s individualized treatment plan.


Rehabilitative Psychoeducation

  • Educate the child and family (and collaterals) in the identification of strategies or treatment options that help to minimize the negative effects of mental health symptoms and environmental stressors
  • Identify potential issues which interfere with the child’s daily living skills, academic and/or employment progress and personal recovery, family and/or interpersonal relationships, and community integration.
  • Help the child/family develop daily living skills including financial management, housing options, education, and/or employment.

            Strengths-Based Service Planning

  • Identify strengths and needs, resources, and natural supports with the child/family (and collaterals as needed/applicable)
  • Formulate goals to assist the child/family and that address functional deficits that impact daily living.

            Rehabilitative Supports

  • Provide restorative and rehabilitative services/supports to minimize the negative effects of behavioral and mental health symptoms
  • Help the child develop safety practices that will enable him/her to seek appropriate providers/community resources.
  • Educate the child/family in basic safety practices recognizing when to contact a physician or seek information from an appropriate provider.
  • Help the child/family understand the purpose and possible side effects of prescribed medication.

            Intensive Interventions (Counseling)

  • Provide individual, family, and relationship-based counseling, supportive counseling, and solution-focused interventions, to ameliorate emotional and behavioral health issues
  • Help the child/family develop and implement social, interpersonal, self-care, daily living, and independent living skills
  • Support functional gains and community integration skills
  • Assist the child/family with developing and implementing social, interpersonal, self-care, daily living, and independent living skills to restore stability, support functional gains, and adapt to community living

            Crisis Avoidance (Counseling)

  • Assist the child to effectively respond to or avoid identified precursors or triggers that risk their ability to remain at home or in their school and community
  • Assist the child and family (and collaterals, as applicable) in identifying a potential psychiatric or personal crisis
  • Develop a crisis management plan with the child/family (and collaterals, as applicable) to restore stability and functioning

            Intermediate-Term Crisis Management

  • Stabilize the child in the home and natural community environment
  • Assist with goal setting to focus on the issues identified from mobile crisis or emergency room intervention


  • Collaborate with Care Coordinators, Case Planners, and the CFTSS intake team.
  • Complete progress notes on assigned clients in the AWARDS Electronic Health Record
  • Attend supervision with the assigned treatment team and assigned LCSW supervisor.
  • Abide by the NYS Justice Center and SAI Codes of Conduct/Ethics.
  • Perform additional tasks/duties as requested.

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