A very special thank you for the support at the Gold Heart Gala!

On behalf of the entire Gold Heart Gala Committee, students, staff, and board members, we are grateful for your attendance and participation at our Gold Heart Gala held on Friday, May 13, 2022. Due to your support and generosity, the event raised over $170,000 which will be used in a multitude of ways to modernize and upgrade our Agency. 

The projects that we have slated for the Spring and early summer are new roofing in our Social Services area and a new cooling tower that will help to keep our students and staff cool during the hot summer days, as well as help, regulate the temperature all year round. Due to significant sponsorships from Business for Good, Stewart’s and the Dake Family, Foroulis Foundation, Seymour Fox Foundation, and Senator Neil Breslin, we have already begun work to update an elevator in the Education department, added a new Metasys system which allows us to control the head via the internet and have purchased new HVAC systems. 

Through support like yours, St. Anne Institute can continue our mission to help the numerous children, adults and families entrusted to our care. This support allows us to offer over 28 different programs and services to our clients. 

If you should wish to look at the wonderful photos taken at the event by Super Source Media, please click on the link below:

Gold Heart Gala Photos

Thank you once again for your support and dedication to St. Anne Institute and our Mission. 

 Warm Regards, 

Richard Hucke                                           Sandra Tarkleson 

Chief Executive Officer                             Director of Development