(Albany) St. Anne Institute has received a $125,000 grant from the Carl E. Touhey Foundation. The funds will be used, over a three year period, to expand St. Anne’s Youth Shelter from eight to twelve beds, offset the salary of a case manager that will create targeted services to provide Early Intervention as well as continuing After Care Services to St. Anne’s clients, and a part-time consultant will be hired to set-up a telehealth system which will allow clients more frequency of service that will provide an increase in health and lower healthcare costs.

St. Anne Institute, founded in 1887, provides residential, educational and community-based programs. The mission is to help children, adults and families entrusted to our care to live with dignity by ensuring their physical well-being and enhancing their lives intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. In its 133 year history St. Anne’s has served thousands of clients with issues revolving around behaviors, family, academics, job readiness, anger management, social skills, mental health, relationships and physical health.

For more information about St. Anne Institute contact the Development Office at 518/437-6563 or dsuto@s-a-i.org.