Community-Based Clinical and Integrated Care Management Services

The Clinical Services Program (CSP):

This program is provided in Albany, Troy, and Hudson Falls. The CSP utilizes innovative, evidence-based treatment approaches to effectively treat children, families, and adults dealing with a variety of issues. The St. Anne Institute clinical teams address the complexities of abuse-related problems and provide specialized evaluations, treatment, and support.

Contact for inquiries, referrals, and intake

518-437-6615 or Fax: 518-437-6588



  • Sexual Abuse Prevention Program
  • Albany County Fee for Service Program (referral through Albany County Department of Youth and Families)
  • Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior Counseling Program
  • CFTSS (Children and Family Treatment and Support Services) – general mental health and specialized treatment services




  • Rensselaer County Specialized Treatment Program for Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior
  • CFTSS (Children and Family Treatment and Support Services)- general mental health and specialized treatment services
  • Fee for Service Program
  • Justice-involved Adult Counseling Outpatient Program

Hudson Falls

  • Sexual Abuse Prevention Services Program
  • Youth Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Counseling
  • CFTSS (Children and Family Treatment and Support Services)- general mental health and specialized treatment services
  • Fee for Service Program
  • Justice-involved Adult Counseling Outpatient Program

Integrated Care Management

The St. Anne Institute Integrated Care Management model is a signature coordination of social, behavioral, and physical health care which is family-centered, quality-driven, trauma-informed, and designed to treat the whole person and promote recovery and wellness.

It is available to eligible children and families in St. Anne Institute programs.

The model includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Care Management
  • Individual and Family Support
  • Care Coordination and Health Promotion
  • Comprehensive Transitional Care
  • Referrals to Community and Support Services

The goal of these core Care Management services is to ensure access to appropriate services, improve health outcomes, reduce preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and coordinate care to prevent services from being neglected or duplicated. Through the provision of these services, Care Managers demonstrate a commitment to promoting active, ongoing, and progressive movement in meeting enrolled members’ needs and personal goals.

Children’s Health Home Program  Integrated Care Management

St. Anne Institute is honored to offer Integrated Care Management through the NYS Children’s Health Home program:

St. Anne Institute has partnered with two Lead Health Homes to serve eligible children and young adults in the following counties: Albany, Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Schenectady, Schoharie, Fulton, Montgomery, Hamilton, Herkimer, Saratoga, Warren, and Washington.

What is Health Home Care Management?

A Health Home is not a physical place, instead, it is a network of organizations and services working collectively to serve enrolled members.

The Health Home care management service model promotes collaboration among service providers, the enrolled member, their families, and social supports to ensure all identified needs of the enrolled member are being addressed appropriately and comprehensively. The role of a care manager is to provide resources and connect the enrolled member to all services needed to achieve and maintain overall wellness and health and provide ongoing oversight and support. The care manager becomes the main point of contact in managing services for the member and works to assure everyone is on the same page and working together to help the member meet their physical health, behavioral health, and social health goals.

St. Anne Institute Integrated Care Management program proudly embodies the vital principles of being person-centered, family-driven, and strength-based. This approach allows services to be tailored uniquely to each member and their family by meeting individuals where they are, highlighting and embracing their valuable strengths, and assisting them on their path to success however they define it.

How does one qualify for Children’s Health Home Care Management?

  1. Ages: Birth to 21 years old
  2. Must be actively enrolled in NYS Medicaid
  3. Meet the eligibility criteria of having one of the following:
  4. Meet appropriateness criteria to support the potential enrollee would benefit from care management services


Is Health Home Care Management right for you or your child?

If determined eligible, Care Management can help by offering the following benefits:

      • Help you and your family create your plan of care for your medical care and wellness goals
      • Manage your physical and behavioral health conditions and services
      • Connect you to providers or services needed
      • Ensure you have what you need after being in the hospital
      • Help you stay out of the hospital
      • Ensure that your providers are talking to each other to help you stay healthy
      • Advocate for your best interests and higher standards of care and treatment
      • Focus on your choices, your strengths, good health, and total wellness
      • Provide support services for you and your family members.
      • Promote recovery, resiliency, and independence.

Integrated Care Management Intake and Information:

518-269-0603 *Texts are welcome*

Referral Form: Integrated Care Management Referral Facesheet