St. Anne Institute’s Street Outreach Program, named Community Partnerships for Youth Empowerment (CPYE) is a federally funded program that works with homeless, runaway youth. Its mission is to eliminate youth homelessness by creating a positive support network that links area schools, businesses, police departments, and community agencies. The Street Outreach Team builds relationships with youth in the streets, in schools, at drop-in space, and in our community to educate runaway and homeless youth as well as youth at risk of becoming homeless.

Services include:

- Immediate access to shelter for youth under the age of 22
- Street-based education and outreach
- Emergency resources such as food, clothing and hygiene products
- Referrals to other community agencies for specific needs
- Access to resources and programming via Drop-in-Center
- Prevention and education activities
- Help with obtaining personal identification documents

The Street Outreach Program operates a drop-in space through the Pride Center of the Capital Region. The Drop-in center is open every Friday from 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Each week consists of programming to help youth become more independent and to make better choices in life.

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Contact: Lisanne Forgione
Phone: (518) 437-6547
Phone Hotline: (518) 265-8509