1. TITLE:                                  Administrative Assistant –Accounting & Grants


  1. SUPERVISOR:            Assistant Director- Billing/AR/ Contracts


III.      HOURS PER WEEK:          40 Hours per Week (1-hour Paid Lunch daily)


IV.       QUALIFICATIONS:           Associates Degree in Accounting or related Field or

2 to 3 Years of Accounts Receivable or Billing Experience


  1. FUNCTIONS:            Billing, Collections, Accounting, Accounting of Receivables for

                                                                                    Saint Anne Institute




  • Accounting
    • Maintain the daily “Cash Flow Report” for the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director-Billing/AR/Contracts and all other related staff.


    • Manage the budgeting, billing and drawdowns of all grants including but not limited to the following:
      • OJJDP Grant
      • Basic Shelter Grant
      • Street Outreach Grant
      • OTDA-STEPH Grant
      • ESG Grants
      • CARES Grants
      • CHAFEE Grant
      • Albany & Schenectady County RTA (Crisis Respite)
      • OMH Crisis Respite Renovation Grant
      • Title I N& D, Title II Part A and Title IV subcontracted through Albany City Schools


    • Assist the Director-Billing/AR/Contracts and Assistant Director-Billing/AR/Contracts to ensure that all journal entries are in place on or before the 15th of each month.


    • Assist the Assistant Director-Billing/AR/Contracts to enter and/or review accrued and deferred revenue accounts monthly to ensure revenues are accurately reflected.


    • Assist the “Specialist – Accounts Payable & Purchasing” with the grant reconciliations of expenses and grant drawdown of funds.


    • Assist the “Specialist – Accounts Payable & Purchasing” with weekly check processing to provide backup during vacations or illness.


    • Assist the “Specialist- Accounting & Collections” with daily deposits, bringing deposits to the bank and setting up the payments in accounting software.


    • Assist the Director-Billing/AR/ Contracts with the accounting reconciliations for the “Saint Anne Institute Temporarily Restricted and Unrestricted Accounts.”






  • Audit


    • Assist the Assistant Director-Billing/AR/Contracts with the preparation for the Annual Financial Audit that begins in August or September with the Preliminary audit and finalized in October or November each year.


    • Assist the Assistant Director-Billing/AR/Contracts and the Director-Billing/AR/Contracts with documentation for upload to the Audit portal.


  • All additional duties as assigned by the Assistant Director-Billing/AR/Contracts.


  • This position may work across programs to accommodate fluctuations of staff as well as clients served.



I have read and understand my job description duties: Administrative Assistant –Accounting & Grants


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Supervisor Signature: ___________________________________ Date:  __________________

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