The Residential Program serves young women ages 12-21 of diverse ethnic, religious, racial, social and economic backgrounds.  They are referred by local County Departments of Social Services, the Office of Children and Family Services, School District Committees on Special Education and Family Courts and Probation Departments throughout New York State.  St. Anne’s residential campus offers 24-hour milieu therapy in carefully planned group settings which promote social and emotional growth.  Six dormitory-style living units are designed to meet the needs of the residents.

The therapeutic milieu focuses on behavioral change through a collaborative problem solving model which assists the residents in solving problems while building skills, confidence, relationships and attaining their personal goals.

The Child Care department is responsible for the daily supervision and behavioral treatment planning of the residents, coordinating, monitoring, and ensuring that treatment plans and goals are integrated into the daily living.

Residential Program Services:

Intensive Management Needs Program:

  • Consistent Structured Routine
  • Life Skills
  • Health Care & Medical Services
  • Religion
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Crisis Intervention


St. Anne Institute offers a full range of family-focused therapeutic treatment modalities.  Every resident is assigned a clinical therapist and a case manager or a clinical case coordinator. The Residential Clinical Services Department coordinates each child’s overall treatment plan and acts as a link connecting residents with all other departments within the agency.  The Residential Clinical Services Department provides the following services as indicated by individualized treatment planning.

Methods/Treatment Techniques:

  • Psychiatric services and psychological consultation and assessment
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Intensive case management services
  • Substance Abuse Intervention Program
  • Life Skills Program