Residential Education Program

The St. Anne Institute Residential Education component has an enriched staff to student ratio, which allows flexibility and individualized and small group instruction within the framework of a structured, supportive classroom environment. It is certified by the New York State Education Department and the Council on Accreditation and grants credits in all content areas so that students who transition back to their home school districts may transfer all credits obtained in the St. Anne program.

The following are essential and integral to the total education program:

  • ·         6:1:1 classroom setting
  • ·         An array of specialized education services
  • ·         Full spectrum of junior/senior high school curricula
  • ·         Crisis Intervention Services
  • ·         Vocational and career counseling, including a Work Experience Program
  • ·         On and off campus job placement
  • ·         Volunteer/Community Service placements
  • ·         Volunteer Tutorial Program
  • ·         Cultural and recreational activities
  • ·         Senior Year Activities and Graduation Ceremony
  • ·         Summer Education Program
  • ·         Psychological and psychiatric consultation, assessment and medication management

Contact: Residential Intake
Phone: (518) 437-6559