St. Anne Institute is a non-profit clinical services agency with a long history as a leading provider of services to disadvantaged adolescent girls, families, boys and adults with a wide range of clinical needs.  We are committed to hiring a Director of Clinical Services with extraordinary capacity and proven experience to lead an energetic team responsible for serving a wide range of treatment needs.

This search is specifically focused on identifying a person with the capacity to manage and attributes to lead as a member of a complex services organization. Among those attributes is a record as a collaborator, innovator and motivator.

The new Director of Clinical Services will be responsible for the current delivery of services as well as the periodic changes in the administration of clinical programs driven by statutes, regulations, as well as new and effective approaches to treatment.  Further, the Director of Clinical Services will oversee compliance and implementation of program contracts in the core clinical programs and help develop a budget to support them.

As a key member of the Executive Team, the Director of Clinical Services will be responsible for the supervision of all professional and support staff in clinical services. The position also requires assisting the Quality Improvement Team with developing outcomes for all clinical programs as well as meaningful collaboration with all program managers throughout the agency.

This work calls for a person with unique and special qualities. Among them a sincere capacity to provide for the well-being of the children and families we serve, particularly the young children who have had histories of hardship and abuse, childhoods lacking appropriate relationships with adults and repeated failures in public school settings. Preferred applicants are those having an outstanding record of 5 years of direct care experience working with children and/or adults requiring intensive clinical services. The ideal applicant must be both strong and inspirational, prepared to manage a dedicated staff, ready to solve problems in a team setting, yet capable to make tough decisions, and eager to play a lead role in the organization.

Qualified applicants must possess an advanced degree in Social Work, Public Administration, Public Policy, or Human Services with an emphasis on management and administration. Preferred applicants must also have at least 5 years of middle management experience in a human service setting.

All positions are subject to in depth verification of qualifications including the State Central Child Abuse Registry as well as extensive reference and background checks.

St. Anne Institute is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, the New York State Office of Mental Health, and the New York State Education Department.  Every four years St. Anne Institute receives national recognition through the robust review process of the Council on Accreditation.  A complete description of the programs and services provided by St. Anne Institute may be found on our website ttp://

What will the Director of Clinical Services do?

                Major Responsibilities:

  1. Identify and be knowledgeable about an evidence-based trauma focused clinical model that becomes the core service delivery for all St. Anne Institute (SAI);
  2. Provide effective training and professional development to clinical services personnel;
  3. Specifically learn and teach the AWARDS software;
  4. Recruit, interview and hire for all clinical positions;
  5. As a member of the Executive Team develop /implement the agency Strategic Plan;
  6. Review and approve caseload assignments;
  7. Move all clinicians toward their licensure/certification;
  8. Assure all SPR, treatment planning meetings, Specials and Rounds meetings are scheduled, attended and productive;
  9. Represent SAI and attend outside meetings with different Counties, Coalitions, OCFS, SED, and OTDA;
  10. Make presentations about SAI to various audiences;
  11. Assure compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local requirements in statute and regulation;
  12. Participate in the development of the annual budget for Outpatient and Residential Clinical Services and maintain this budget throughout the year;
  13. Coordinate clinical services, psychiatric, psychological and adjunct therapies within the agency;
  14. Provide direct supervision and accountability to Residential Clinical Supervisors, Outpatient Clinical Supervisors, Case Manager Supervisor, Residential Intake Coordinator, Consulting Psychiatrist, and Consulting Psychologist.


Additional Duties:

  1. Coordinate and collaborate with Residential Services, Day Services, Preschool, Jr/Sr High School, after school programs and outreach programs;
  2. Oversee the compliance and implementation of program contracts in the Outpatient and Residential Clinical Services Departments;
  3. Develop and initiate programs to meet the therapeutic needs of clients in Outpatient and Residential Clinical Services Departments;
  4. Attend Outpatient and Residential Clinical Services meetings;
  5. Coordinate required staff meetings and participate in the daily administrative meeting;
  6. Participate in the interviewing, hiring and orientation of new clinical and case management professionals and support staff;
  7. Establish and cultivate a professional relationship with public and private agencies including other residential treatment facilities , prevention programs, local Departments of Social Services, advocacy organizations and colleges and universities;
  8. Explore seek and apply for additional funding for program support and/or expansion;
  9. Keep abreast of knowledge and information pertinent to our mission as well as the services we provide;
  10. Abide by the NASW Code of Ethics.


The Application:

To be considered, an applicant must submit to the address shown below three items: 1) a one page letter of application, 2) a resume, and 3) a list of 5 references including two from your current employer  (followed with at least 3 written letters of reference):

Anthony G. Cortese, LCSW-R
Chief Executive Officer
St. Anne Institute
160 No. Main Ave.
Albany, New York 12206

Attn: DCS Search

The application deadline is July 13, 2018.

The Process:

Step One

All applications will be reviewed to determine who will be invited to an initial interview of 60 to 90 minutes.

Step Two

All applications received will be reviewed to determine which applicants will be selected to visit St. Anne’s a second time for a tour of our programs, and to complete a specific writing sample presented following the tour.

Step Three

At least five (5) Candidates will be chosen from applicants who have completed Step One and Step Two. During Step Three, each individual candidate will be interviewed by a committee(s) of current St Anne’s employees and will have an opportunity to respond to several questions prepared by the committee(s).

Step Four

With the recommendation of the entire search team, one candidate will be advanced to meet with the Chief Executive Officer, who will decide either to fill the position or to request another candidate.